The DeFI Mission

"Our mission is to accelerate the growth of Detroit by helping businesses distribute their products to the world."

Our Partners

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Tools to help product based businesses achieve success.


Resources to launch or grow a product based business.


Tools for your business

Check out these valuable tools that can help grow your product based business:


Connect with our growth network

DeFI's network of businesses is designed specifically to help you launch your product-based business and increase your market share. When you reach out to DeFI, we will connect you in the following areas:



Find the right funding for your business within our growth network


Talk with marketing experts that can help you create great marketing strategies


Experts in e-commerce, web-technology, and app development

Fulfillment & Supply Chain

Fulfillment and supply chain help, no matter the size of your business

Office Space

Find a comfortable spot for your business

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